Why are some supplements more expensive than others?

Because the FDA does not regulate supplements in Canada, it is up to the consumer to determine which are the best supplements.  This can be a very daunting and confusing task, and it is easy to end up with a product that either does not contain the amount of nutrient stated on the bottle, or a form of a nutrient that the body is unable to absorb.  As a result of a push from the public for more natural alternatives to traditional drugs, the business and science of natural supplementation has exploded in the past few years.  While the FDA does not regulate supplements, studies are still conducted annually to “test” various supplements for both the accuracy of the compound (ex: does each tablet contain what the bottle says), and its bioavailabilty (how easily it is abosorbed by the body).  Some manufacturing companies perform consistently well on these tests, while others fall short. Choosing a manufacturer that consistently performs well is key to ensuring you are getting what you think you are. Creekside Chiropractic has researched various companies and as a result, we have chosen to carry AOR and Douglas Labs because we know our patients will be satisfied.

Here are some of the products carried at Creekside Chiropractic:

- Pro Magnesium Malate (magnesium supplement)

- Pro Bones (bone support supplement)

- Advanced Bone Protection + Strontium (bone supplement to help build bone density)

-Pro Multi (professional strength multi-vitamin)

-Wobenzyme (oral anti-inflammatory)

-Ultra Joint Forte (joint health support)

-Traumeel (homeopathic topical anti-inflammatory)

-MediStik (topical anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever)

For more information on selecting a supplement that is right for you, talk to your chiropractor next time you’re in the office.


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